The Coastal Style is defined by seaside elements, such as driftwood, rope, shells, natural light. This style incorporates those elements while keeping it minimalistic. The goal is to have that feeling of peacefulness.

Oak Coffee Table.jpg

Oak Lift-Top Coffee Table

A functional weathered wood coffee table made from Oak. 

The primary features for this style are usually earthy textures, earth tones, clean lines and layers of blue, stripes, and loose linen upholstery which is  is both relaxed and sophisticated allowing for all year round summer vacation - home leisure.

“The hues and materials used for a coastal  décor space are derived from the natural surroundings.

Although coastal décor has been moving more towards a more modern style,  the best aspects of both styles have come together to create something new. Clean lines paired with coastal colors, textures create a classic, relaxing atmosphere. 

Adjustable Beaded Pendant Light.jpg

Adjustable Beaded Pendant Light.

This pendant features a boho-chic style with cream beads and a natural woven tassel. The design was inspired by the handcrafted Vessels in Budapest's top luxury hotel. Its posh strands create informal elegance ideal for any taste, and its luxe tassel makes it a designer must have. 



Coastal décor relies on a variety of neutral colors with splashes of accents color to create a clean relaxing environment. Layering similar colors and shades is the great way to add dimension to the space. Main colors are white, or warm off whites, tans and beiges. Accent colors used are usually aqua, blue, corals, grays and of course seagrass green.


Nautical accents, like rope, glass and a few shells. Weathered wood is quite popular, but use it in moderation. Fixture finishes from copper, bronze, brass or brushed nickel and chrome.


Natural breezy fabrics, textured natural fiber rugs and ticking strips (made from herringbone fabric).


Furniture is meant to feel casual, comfortable, and easy. Natural furniture made from rattan and wicker are common, but don't use too much of it. Instead combined then with Soft-edge linen upholstery furniture.