After the second World War, Bauhaus architects and designers migrated to America from Germany and created a design movement known as Mid-Century Modern, which is distinguished by simplicity and functionality.

Mid Century Modern Leather Upholstered A

Mid-Century Accent Chair.

A Mid Century Modern Leather Upholstered Accent Chair with beautiful chess board bentwood back, an attractive combination of modern and vintage.  

The Mid-century Modern style features of this style consist of a classic, understated look, and clean lines with minimal fuss. Functionality is important, as form follows function. It is an uncluttered style with sleek lines with organic curves and geometric forms. Accessories are to a Minimum. The style is a combination of traditional and contemporary materials bringing together different and sometimes contrasting materials that create an interesting and even unusual effect.

I am personally obsessed with Mid-Century Modern décor, one of my goals in life is to own an Eames Lounge Chair.”

The only problem with this style is that one can go "all in", and completely get lost. This style has many well know décor pieces and designers. If you have a Saarinen dining table, Wegner wishbone chairs, an Eames lounge, and a Barcelona sofa all in a single space, you’ve gone too far. Remember, less is more, and I think is an important guideline that should be followed unwaveringly. For a more personal look and feel, choose selectively mid-century period items and combined them with other elements from various eras. 


Drop Shapes Throw Blanket.jpg

Drop Shapes Throw Flannel Blanket.

This little blanket is playful and quite abstract. It would add just right amount of color in mid-century modern styled space.



The color palette range of this style is vast, it includes grounding neutral to bolds, and even high contrast use of black and white.


Plastic dramatically influenced this décor style. Wood materials are considered a traditional material, whereas contemporary materials are metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, Plexiglass and Lucite, allowing us to to create that interesting and unique personality within a space. Be on the look out when going to flea markets and secondhand shops, sometimes they have affordable hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.  


The classic mid-century fabrics are playful and quite abstract. A modern take suggests that we tone it down and not overwhelm the eye. Keep the room almost print free, using a slight dose of the era fabrics, maybe just a throw, or pillow, or the drapes. 


Like with mid century modern accessories, when looking for furniture, think plastic, metal, glass and plywood. take into consideration simple clean gently curved lines, practical, functional yet formal features.