The new traditional style puts emphasis on the comforts and conveniences of modern life while still maintaining the uncluttered, refined elegance of traditional design. The style is orderly, predictable, and dignified. Complementing furniture is used rather than matching sets and a refreshed color palette giving a familiar but updated classic look.

Mushroom Taupe Arm Chair.jpg

Mushroom Taupe Arm Chair

The chair artfully blends traditional details with transitional lines. A pair of these would be a stylish accent  in a living room, family room, den, library, or study.   

The new traditional style puts emphasis on the comforts and conveniences of modern life, but maintains an uncluttered, refined elegance of the traditional design.

The ultimate blend of the old and the new  traditional, celebrates the best of each style, creating a look that is both romantically timeless and timely.”

Still an essential, new traditional design implements the concept of pairs. Double up your accent chairs, table lamps, decorative pillows, and end tables to keep the design balanced. The pieces don't have to be a matching set, but they must be right in color, shape, and scale in order to harmonize the space.

Brass and gold lamp.jpg

Brass and Gold Floor Lamp

This contemporary brass and gold floor lamp features an off-white shade adds depth and dimension to an interior. It's sleek gold legs adds a minimalist style and luxurious touch. 



The color palette is refreshed with lighter shades of classic blues and creamy off-whites.


Keep accessories to just a few limited pieces, only the ones you really love. Metallic accents such as a gilt-framed mirror or bronze sculptures are luxurious touches


Look for simple patterns. No more heavy, ornate draperies topped with valences and trimmed with ruffles. Rugs, on the other hand, could be geometric prints, animal hides, or rugs woven from natural materials such as jute, seagrass, or sisal.  


Furniture remains almost identical, with curved lines and rolled arms, but with streamlined constructions and lighter, more practical fabrics. This style now mixes and matches the furniture to make the room more lively, as long as you choose pieces that complement each other.