French country décor is a blend of rustic and elegant styles with an old-world European charm. This style combines feminine, fancy details with country, and classic elements. 

Classic Antiqued French Accent Chair.jpg

Classic Antiqued French Accent Chair

The distressed look of the antiqued finish exposed wood frame is surprisingly versatile, fitting in  traditional French furnishings as well as sleek modern and industrial styles.  

The best way to achieve this style is to bring in real antiques. Consider shopping at secondhand stores or investing in vintage items to really cement that sense of history. This of course that can be a huge chunk out of budget, but there are plenty of "within budget" options out there, that would provide you with an amazing space.

French Country décor is rich in tradition. The elements have been passed down from one generation to the next. So, I think the secret to accomplishing this style is to have a few subtle "reminders" from the past that can be seen throughout your décor.”

The French country style is almost in direct opposition to some of the ultra-modern style. This look is centered around creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, rather than using monochromatic shades and bold pops of color. 

Traditional French Accent Writing Desk.j

Traditional French Accent Writing Desk.

A Traditional piece, boasting a white-streaked and distressed finish. This desk combines flair and utility. 




French Country color palette is mostly neutral colors which is characteristically on the walls, and then added accessories with a few accent colors. The best colors for your French country home will be beige, white and ivory. Soft yellow, baby blue and pale pink are great for accent colors.


Blue-and-white porcelain is a favorite, specially in the kitchen, as well as a prized antique plate or spoon collection. A set of copper pots and pans, favored by French chefs since 1830, can be displayed out in the open on a wall or hung over the kitchen island. Reclaimed wood items, brass / gold framed mirrors, and a crystal chandeliers are quite popular too. One could look for farm animal or small bird themed accents in pillows, accessories and paintings. Roosters are an iconic figure, they are the king of the castle, and they represent courage and bravery.


Toile fabrics are popular fabrics to use in French country décor, often used for curtains, sheets and throw pillows. You could also integrate blue or red striped fabric. Solid-colored linen or cotton is the perfect neutral fabric that will give the room a grounded feel. Blue and yellow is a classic fabric combination, it's warm and inviting.


Traditional French furniture designs are a must. French furniture is often crafted from wood, sometimes left in it's natural state and other times it's painted which usually overtime becomes distressed to give that shabby chic style. Wrought-iron furniture integration could provide balance and cozy feel.