The Transitional style features a marriage of both traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics. Furniture lines are simple yet elegant, incorporating straight lines or rounded profiles, while fabrics are diverse.

Modern Upholstered Sofa

Modern Upholstered Sofa

This sofa is traditional in style with modern wooden legs, showing off those straight lines and rounded profiles. Use diverse throws or cushions to provide that perfect balance. 

Picture a relaxed and serene room that features contemporary, modern, and even unique antique décor, all complementing one another while evoking the art of well-crafted combinations.

Transitional décor is one of my favorite styles. It's great for those who are not interested in locking down their interior décor aesthetics to one specific design era or style.”

This decorating style seeks to promote flexibility, as you can afford to be as expressive as you want while catering to the needs of yourself and entirely unique to you as no transitional room will ever look the same.

If done right, you’ll probably be pleased to find out that this style is one sure way to get everyone’s attention by creating strong impressions long after your guests have left.

Traditional 8 Arm Chandelier

Traditional 8 Arm Chandelier

Although this chandelier is traditional in style it's rust bronze color and rounded profile gives it a modern look which is characteristic of Transitional Décor.  



Transitional décor relies on a variety of neutral colors to create a clean, serene environment. I love using an almost two or three-tone color palette for the ultimate in balance.


Less means more with a carefully chosen selection of accessories. Simplicity and sophistication are reflected in this design by a lack of ornamentation and decoration.


The lack of color lets interesting textures shine through. For maximum visual impact, I usually keep textiles limited to a range of four to five different complimentary shades, each with a different pattern.


Simple shapes counter balanced by abstract and rounded elements to keep the eye moving around the room. The size of the pieces are adequate but not overly large.