New beginning's based on the future. The Ultra Modern Style, is all about portraying your environment in a new, exciting, different, creative and stimulating way, as well as being invigorating yet calming, in a minimalist beautiful way. Discover spaces that give hope to a new beginning of a new modern world.

ultra modern open plan
ultra modern style

A key feature is sustainability, which by focusing on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, provide ultimate comfort and satisfaction for those living in the home. 

Ultra modern designs blend in with nature on the exterior and expose the homeowner to expansive views from the interior. The space is an extension of its natural surroundings 

Ultra modern values open spaces. The use of natural materials, glass walls and floating decks, lets energy flow freely throughout the space. Ergonomic floors, chairs and sofas should be integrated to provide comfort and well being.


ultra modern decor
ultra modern riddled table



The color palette for this style doesn’t mean that the whole room has to be white, although we might think that when visualizing a "futuristic" space. One can incorporate vibrant colors, high contrast black and whites balanced with warm copper, bronze, and gold palettes. Let nature inspire your color choices, browns, blues, greens, and grays. Don't forget to use non-toxic paint! Floors should flow from room to room and come from natural materials, like concrete, bamboo, teak and linoleum which are all durable. Ergonomic floor coverings are also sustainable.


Use naturally renewable materials with high recycled content, or long-lasting durable materials. Aluminum, woods, natural stone, steel and vinyl in a sleek lined form of simplicity are ideal. Glass and steel can make the space intriguing, they are luminous in light and form. Bold art creates a focal point which adds color and visual interest to a minimalistic room.


Natural fiber fabrics and materials are used to giving the space a sense texture and form. This definitely enhances our calming mechanism, psychologically giving us a sense of calmness, trust and attachment within our home.  


Again, find furniture made from low-impact materials such as wood and steel. Glass table tops, furniture features with clean lines, sculptural looks and ergonomic benefits are ideal finds. Invest in well-made signature pieces that you will keep for generations, than low quality items.


wooden chair
Eco-friendly Ergonomic Beanbag B


Fiber Optic Lights

optic fiber light

Fiber Optic Lights that you can make your own sculptural lighting.

Pierre Paulin Inspired Slice Accent Chair in Yellow

Ultra Modern Accent Chair

Although this accent chair is inspired from the Mid-century, it is simply functional, friendly, fun, colorful and incredibly comfortable and has an appealing design. Blends perfectly within an Ultra Modern room as an focal piece. These are a reproduction items the supplier follows the original specifications and construction design. Making this design an affordable luxury.

 Glass S-Shaped Side or Coffee Table

Glass table

With minimalism design, this clear glass end table is elegant and attractive. It's made of premium glass, which is waterproof , durable and sturdy in use, can be used inside and outdoor.

Iron Negotiating Chair with Ergonomic Backrest

Iron Negotiating Chair with Backrest Erg

This chair has a wrought iron frame, firm structure and durability. It is ergonomically designed and comfortable. Available in 4 colors, white, pink, black and blue/emerald green.

Glass Decor Ball

Glass Decor Ball.jpg

Orbit Black Large glass decor ball - handmade. This sculptural sphere will add visual interest to any space. Display it on a shelf, a mantle, or a cocktail table. Ball measures 4. 5in diameter.

Coffee Table from Solid Teak Driftwood

Coffee Table from Solid Teak Driftwood

A striking coffee table, which features a solid teak driftwood base in a unique design, exudes a rustic charm and is a real eye-catcher within an ultra modern setting. As wood is a natural product, the colors, grain patterns and shapes vary from piece to piece.

Adjustable Ergonomic Bed Base, with 10-Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Adjustable Comfort Bed Base, with 10-Inc

This adjustable bed base is a low-cost alternative to the more expensive ergonomic brands with the same features. One of its Ergonomic features is the The Zero Gravity Position, which simulates weightlessness releasing stress in your lower back while increasing blood circulation which reduces pressure points. It also takes pressure off the heart and allows for easier breathing .

Narrow Glass Console Table

Narrow Glass Console Table.jpg

This long rectangular table is the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom or entryway. Simple in silhouette yet has a sturdy construction, this console table has a spacious glass top and wood shelf that will add a clean and elegant feel to your living area.

Modern Logan End Table, Anthracite Grey

Modern Logan End Table, Anthracite Grey.

A sculptural round end table made of concrete, each finished differently for an industrial look. This end table is stocked in black, white and anthracite grey. Crafted from a natural concrete.

Durable and functional. Would look amazing in an Ultra Modern space.